Start Date : 09/21/2019
End Date : 09/21/2019
Time : 1:30PM to 6:00 PM
Cost : $25
Location : 4545 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841
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What parents need to know about how kids are using video games and social media.

How much time spent playing video games is too much time, and how do we know?

Which video games are OK to play, and which are not, and how do we know?

The more time a teen spends on Instagram, the more likely that teen is to BECOME depressed. That’s a huge effect for girls, but a much smaller effect for boys. How come?

How much should I know about what my daughter is doing on Instagram?

At what age is it appropriate for a child to have a smartphone?

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Organized by: MAS-SSF

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