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Today's salaat schedule in Sacramento area masjids

Sunday, September 26, 2021 18:08
Juma'a Distance
1st Juma Khutbah 1:10pm Iqama 1:35pm
2nd Juma Khutbah 2:45pm Iqama 3:00pm
Talk in English 1:05 PM Khutbah 1:35 PM 6835.5293292065
Talk in English 1:15 PM Khutbah 1:50 PM 6838.2631341145
1st shift 12:15 PM | 2nd Shift 1:30 PM | 3rd shift 3:30 PM 6832.126254735
1st Khutba: 1:15 pm 2nd Khutba: 3:30 pm 6844.3175580641
Khutba: 1:00 pm 6845.9771397211
Juma Khutbah 1:10pm 6845.2827413778
English Talk 1:10 PM Iqama 1:40 PM 6846.7289496789
Khutbah: 1:15pm 6842.7754026193
Urdu speech: 1.20 pm | Arabic Khutba: 1.45 pm 6855.7312761844
1:00pm Lecture, 1:35 Azhan, 1:45 Iqama 6843.8702970773
1st Khutbah – 12:30pm | 2nd Khutbah – 1:45pm 6843.7692381674
Talk 1:30 6848.1794260882
1:30pm 6833.5047280752
Talk 1:15pm | Khutbah: 1:30pm | Salaat: 1:40pm 6830.0262029123
1:10pm 6845.8980153786
1:30pm 6843.3639988155
1:30pm 6844.8358886142
English Talk 1:15pm 6858.1655147139
1:20pm 6841.3238501063
1st Jumuah Khutbah: 12:15 pm, Iqama: 12:40 pm 2nd Jumuah Khutbah: 1:15 pm, Iqama: 1:40 pm 6847.8045539992
Khutba 1:15PM | Salaat 1:45pm 6834.2707046375
1:30 PM 6839.4567774386
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